bdsm escort Budapest

My darling,

I am so happy that you have found me! I am Barbara, a friendly, natural submissive girl, and I would be happy to spend a nice and naughty time with you in Budapest, as your devoted girlfriend, in your hotel room or apartment or home, or in my apartment.
If you look for an obedient submissive masseuse or escort who really enjoys playing submissive bondage games, really enjoys being controlled and dominated by her strong Master, any really enjoys anal sex, then please hide yourself from the world together with me, for some lovely naughty and intimate time to remember for ever..

I am 27 years old, 168 cm high, 54 kgs.
Natural body, without any silicone, tattoos, piercings or make up.
My pussy is completely bare (waxed).
I don't smoke or drink any alcohoilic drinks or use any drugs.

Possible experiences

Erotic slippery massage with real gilrfriend experience

Naughty slippery body-to-body massage with sensitive and fragrance free massage oil, with kissing and huggung a lot, with real gilrfriend experience. This experience can be combinated with Light bondage games as well.

Light bondage games

This experience is for you if you enjoy being dominant and wish to play some exciting submissive roleplays with an obedient girl who does with pleasure just what you tell her.
As an amateur submissive girl, it excites me to give the control completely to my partner over the situation. I find real pleasure in a lot of light submissive games like spanking, whipping, light bondage, tie and tease, blindfolding etc. It excites me a lot when I am all naked having my arms and legs tied together or down to the bed, or tied wide open when I am blindfolded and helpless..
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It is a real pleasure for me being completely naked in front of you while you are fully dressed, being on my knees or on all fours while you are using my mouth at your pleasure..
You can whip and spank my ass, my back, my shoulders and my legs, you can also gently slap on my face.
If you would like to undress me naked, tie me open and helpless, and play with my body with vibrators, butt plugs, blindfolder, mouth gag, vaginal speculum, spreader bar etc.. then my submissive experinece is for you!
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Toys I can bring to our date:
dildos, vibrators, anal plugs
vaginal speculum
rapes, arms to legs bondage set
door bondage set
spreader bar, ancle-wrist-neck spreader set
whips, crops, tickler
mouth ball, open mouth ring
roleplay dresses (please see them in gallery)
lubricant and condom

Threesome games with couples (FFM)

If you are an open minded couple I am very pleased to embellish your private life by joining you for some naughty hours for some lovely games with both of you if you wish :-) An exciting threesome will give both of you such a pleasue that you will remember in all the rest of your life.

Threesome games with friends (MMF)

If you and your friend or colleague wish to have some special experiences and pleassures while staying in Budapest, just rent me and share me for an evening or night in your hotel room or apartment, and have fun with me one after the other, or together at the same time for an exciting threesome..

My specialities

Real submission

I am a real submissive girl, not just pretending, and it excites me if I am dominated and controlled by my partner and I have to do just what he tells me.. But everything without a real pain, in a kind, cheerful and respectful atmosphere. Also, please consider, as a real submissive girl, I am not really initiative, so we will really enjoy our time only if you are in control all the time and always tell me (kindly) what to do, and I will do it with pleasure.

An amateur natural girl

I am not a professional escort lady, but a silent, soulful and joyful natural next-door type girl, and I may be the best one for you if you wish to have a much more natural and genuine experience.

Anal sex
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I really enjoy anal sex, with using some lubricants. Of course you should start anal sex gently and slowly, but after some slow movements you can get harder, and you can have a long and hard anal sex with me.

I especially like it from behind in doggy style, while my arms are tied together behind my back, or taken together by you behind me..

You can also change to my pussy and back to my ass at any time, and anal creampie is possible, too, so you can come inside my ass.

Possibility of natural sex / bareback sex with creampie

You can use my mouth without condom of course, but with some conditions you can penetrate my pussy and ass without condom, too, just naturally, you can change between my pussy and ass freely at any time, and you can come inside in any of my holes..

Possibilitiy of taking pictures and videos of me

You can take as many pictures and record as many videos of me as you wish, even with my clear face, even in action, and all for free! The only condition is that you give a copy of all the pictures and videos you take or record to me in the end of our meeting.

I am open to meet couples or friends for threesome

It excites me very much if I am involved in the sexual life of a couple, having sex even with both the male and the female, or if I am the submissive female next to a dominant female with a male, of if the female wants only to watch her boyfriend or husband having sex with another female.
Also, I am really happy to serve more than one male partners at the same time..

I am independent

100% of your donation will go to me, so you will not donate anyone else..

My taboos and rules

The donation for our time together has to be received by me at the beginning of our time, in the first minutes, in cash, or with advance payment by PayPal.

I am pleased to meet people between the ages of 18 and 59.

You can whip and spank my ass, my back, my shoulders and my legs, you can also gently slap on my face, but please do not hurt me too much, I am not into any hard BDSM. No real pain, no remaining marks on my skin are possible!

Other things to consider

I am not available to be your companion in any boring social or business events or parties, but very pleased to join you in your city tours for exploring Budapest, or for visiting one of the famous thermal spas of Budapest together.

I am not a professional escort, but a silent, soulful and joyful girl, a natural amateur next-door type submissive girl. I need you to play submissive bondage games with me or at least to do mutual erotic massages to be ready and well excited for first penetration! So vaginal and anal penetration is not possible in the first hour of our meeting! This is why a 1 hour session is not possible with me.

My observation is that guys who are just beginners and meet me as their first or second time with a submissive escort enjoy their time with me very much, but those who have a lot of experience in submissive games with several professional escorts are not always satisfied with me, because what I can give you is a bit different, a much more natural and genuine experience, but I can not give you a professional service.

I hope to see you soon for a naughty time together in Budapest!

Request a date with me

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